Mr Men 1970's Christmas Cracker.




Mr Men 1996 Christmas Cracker.




Wrapping Paper by Raphael Tuck

dated 1977-79.













Mr Men Christmas Tree Ornaments by Swan Decorations

Dated 1979.




Three Christmas Decorations from the Mid 80's.




Mr Men & Little Miss Christmas Tree Decorations made by Schmidt 1971-81.


This set of Twelve Decorations come with Tags and Individual Christmas Messages.


Mr Busy 1978.

"Wishing you a Merry Christmas"


Mr Funny 1976.

"Make merry at Christmas"


Mr Grumpy 1978.

"Merry Christmas"


Mr Impossible 1976.

"I wish for miracles at Christmas"


Mr Happy 1971.

  "Happy Holidays"


Mr Lazy 1976.

"Visions of Sugarplums"


Mr Nonsense 1978.

"Hope it's as merry!"


Mr Silly 1972.

"T'is the season to be jolly"


Little Miss Neat 1981.

 "Glad Tidyings"


Little Miss Plump 1981.

"Yum Yum, Holiday Fruitcake !"

Little Miss Sunshine 1981.

"Merry Christmas"

Little Miss Trouble 1981.

"Seasons Greetings"



Funtime Party Hooters 1981.




Mr Men Party Poppers 1987.




Mr Men & Little Miss Party Tableware.


8 Paper Bowls 1997.


8 Paper Plates 1997.


8 Paper Cups 1997. Table Cloth 1997.



Mr Men & Little Miss Take-Away Packaging.


10 Party Bags. 8 Loot Bags. 6 Assorted Boxes.



Cake Frills from the 1980's.


Pink. White. Yellow



Mr Men & Little Miss Cup Cake Mix 2004.




Mr Men & Little Miss Cake Decorations 2004.


Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas.



Mr Men & Little Miss Cake Candles 2004.


Mr Men Candles. Little Miss Candles. Merry Christmas.