Mr Men Fun Facts.



  • The most popular Mr Men book is Mr Tickle.

  • The most popular Little Miss book is Little Miss Naughty.

  • The series was originally called the "Mister" series. The first books cost a mere 15p to buy.

  • Little Miss Twins was written for Roger Hargreaves' twin daughters - Amelia and Sophie.

  • Roger Hargreaves' favourite Mr Man was Mr Silly - for his silly sense of humour.

  • Adam Hargreaves' favourite character is Mr Bump because of the way he looks and his amusing slapstick character.

  • Adam Hargreaves says the simplicity of the characters is the key to their success: "My father was very successful in capturing basic human characteristics and turning them into something humorous".

  • Mr Dizzy in Danish is called Faetter Dumbum.

  • Mr Mean keeps all his money in a tin, in a box, in a case, in a trunk, in a hole in his cellar, in his house.

  • Other Roger Hargreaves series include John Mouse (1973), Timbuctoo (1978) and Hippo-Potto-Mouse (1982).

  • The appeal of the Mr Men characters is not limited to children, possessing a degree of sophistication and humour that is attractive to adult readers. Mr Means guide to Management was the bestselling business title in the UK in 2000.

  • The Mr Men books have been translated into 15 languages, and in this process several other Mr Men characters have been created by editors around the world, such as "Madame Oui" in France. Additionally, some characters have been renamed for foreign markets, such as Mr Jelly, who is known as Mr Nervous in the USA.

  • Over 80 licensees exist worldwide, making some fantastic Mr Men and Little Miss products. You can buy Mr Greedy Doughnuts, Mr Bump Plasters, Mr Cool Cool bags, Little Miss Naughty Slippers and Mr Bounce Trampolines.