Roger Hargreaves Signature.



Huge Hand Drawn Mr Tickle Dated 1981 Signed by Roger Hargreaves.



Framed Picture of Mr Tickle for Vicky Ernst. (See Competition Winners Page)

Signed:- " Roger Hargreaves, The Ritz 19th October 1981 "



Mr Men Wall Frieze Dated 1976 Signed by Roger Hargreaves.


Inside Back Cover of Mr Mean Book Published by Thurman Publishing dated 1976,

showing Advert for the Mr Men Wall Frieze measuring 7" x 58.25".

Original Cost of Frieze 1.00.


Full Length View.


Left Half View.


Right Half View.


Message Stating:-

"To Mrs Buntings Children at St Andrews from Roger Hargreaves"


Stored in Original Postage Tube marked London 26th January 1979.